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About Us

We are team of Investors with a main goal to help homeowners make a fast sale to avoid any sticky situations that requires enough speed for a quick close (as little as 14 days).

We are based in Essex County and invest in the northern New Jersey counties such as: Essex, Union, Hudson, Morris, Bergen Passiac.

Who Do We Serve?

We service home owners for a fast sale that may have:

1) Inherited A Property

2) Foreclosure

3) Tax Liens

4) Relocate Quicky

5) Property That Needs Repairs

6) Divorce

7) Unreasonable Tennants

8) Squatters


We’ll deal with the sticky situations most don’t tackle head and still close in 30 days or less!

Our Simple Process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How can I sell my house fast when it needs repair?

  • We’ll make you a cash offer and if you accept we’ll buy it within 30 days or less.

2) How soon can we close?

  • We can close in as little as 14 days but usually it takes 30 days for us to close.

3) Does this process cost me money?

  • Absolutely not! We cover all expensives such as closing cost and any other fees. Once we give you a cash offer that’s what you’ll receive in your pocket.

4) How much will you pay for my property?

  • It varies. We’ll give you a no obligation cash offer based on the condition, size, location and other factors of the house. 

5) Do you buy only houses?

  • We purchase any real estate such as: Single Family, Multi-Family, Condos, Duplex, Townhouses, Vacant Land/Lot etc.

Call/Text Us To Receive An All Cash Offer For Your Property In 24hrs.

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